565 4th St. Construction Gives Rise to Suit

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565 4th St. Construction Gives Rise to Suit

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Hair Shop, LLC is the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Shun Construction, Inc. and Patrick Lin. The core of the beef is that the defendants failed to improve the space as promised, but the killer allegation, if true, is that Shun Construction was not licensed at the time the work was being done.

The Business and Professions Code says that one need not pay for work done by unlicensed contractors. It doesn’t matter if you know that they are unlicensed. You can hire an unlicensed person and not pay them and/or get your money back.

This seems unfair to unlicensed contractors who do good work but the Legislature thinks rewarding licensed contractors and punishing unlicensed ones is more important.

Hiring unlicensed contractors is not without risk, however. Not only are unlicensed contractors unable to secure proper permits, they can also get injured and/or otherwise claim that they are your employee. Labor Code section 2750.5 makes unlicensed workers your employees for all purposes. To make things even more complicated, employees are exempt from the Business and Professions Code licensing requirements. Case law discussing both regulatory schemes, subcontractor’s and subcontractor’s workers complicate matters further.

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