Are ‘No Shop’ Clauses Kosher?

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Are ‘No Shop’ Clauses Kosher?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – In perhaps the fastest litigated lawsuit ever in time, Yuchem sued Rainberry, Inc. alleging that Rainberry, Inc. had violated a ‘no shop’ clause in a letter of intent that contemplated an equity and/or asset purchase. The case was filed on the 1st of February. After plaintiff sought a TRO, dismissed on the 8th.

‘No shop’ clauses are common in equity and/or asset purchase documents but they are not without their problems. Officers and directors have a fiduciary duty to get shareholders the best price. ‘No shop’ clauses are on conflict with that idea.

The workarounds are rather elaborate and include setting up independent committees to evaluate deal terms. But again, without the benefit of competing bids, how can an independent committee make an informed opinion?

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