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In Trial: Lawyers Battle Over Client… Information

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – According to defendant’s trial brief, a Los Angeles firm, SwedelsonGottlieb, sent an associate, William Noland, to open an office in San Francisco, which he did successfully. When the associate did not make partner, he went off on his own and got sued by his former employer out of “anger and spite.” According to the Complaint, Mr. Noland solicited SwedelsonGottlieb’s clients to go with him before and after his departure and took/used proprietary client data in the process.

Litigation is about storytelling as much as anything else. The stories told in almost every trade secret case of this type are the same. The defendant says the employer is just trying to bury their startup with attorney’s fees and costs. The plaintiff claims legitimate trade secret information existed and was misused.

In many instances, both stories are true. Often plaintiffs are disgruntled and looking for revenge. Equally as often, departing employees do not get good advice, or do not listen to it, and use more information than they should. Emotion, and specifically anxiety, drives the parties to costly outcomes.

Per defendant’s brief, Mr. Noland had incurred $500,000 in legal fees and costs, and trial obviously had not yet begun.

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