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In Trial Today

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – There are four civil cases in trial in San Francisco Superior Court this Wednesday morning.

Three of the cases are personal injury cases. In a premises liability case, a woman alleges a BART train operator negligently closed the doors on her. In the second case, a pedestrian alleges defendant owned a vehicle that struck her in a Safeway parking lot. Finally, the third case is a hotly disputed products liability case in which a maintenance worker alleges that Monsanto failed to warn him that an herbicide chemical caused his cancer.

The fourth case is a commercial dispute in which plaintiff Ashbury Heights Capital, LLC alleges in-part that it developed a unique method for analyzing stock market data and predicting stock movements. Ashbury goes on to allege that it licensed its product to defendant FactSet Research Systems, Inc., formerly Revere Data, LLC, who used it but refused to pay agreed-upon commissions/royalties. Ashbury also claims Revere destroyed critical evidence in the case, commonly known as spoliation. Defendant FactSet says, in part, that plaintiff’s claims arise from an oral discussion that is disputed. The case is in Judge Ulmer’s courtroom and is set for closing arguments today.

This blog reports on cases filed in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. The statements made are based on the allegations in court-filed documents. Allegations are just accusations, and may or may not be true. In most cases, the allegations are disputed.
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