In Trial: Woman Sues Simayof Over $115k Ring

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In Trial: Woman Sues Simayof Over $115k Ring

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A woman is alleging that she arranged with the Union Square jeweler to sell a ring worth $115k on consignment. According to the complaint, almost immediately the deal went south. Plaintiff alleges a few months after signing the contract she asked to exercise her right to cancel, at which time the defendants claimed the ring had sold. The complaint alleges that sale flopped, after which defendants claimed another sale was pending and made broken promises to pay. Plaintiff also alleges checks were written that bounced.

Whether these allegations are proved true or not, it is safe to say that the jewelry industry can be tough. Values are squishy and consumers are at an information disadvantage, not unlike when they take their car to the auto repair shop, but often with more at stake. Consumers need to do more due diligence than just looking at Yelp when dealing in this area.

Probably the biggest mistake consumers make is confusing likability with trust. If you like a salesperson, that means they are a good salesperson, good at selling themselves. Likability does not equate to trustworthiness. The only way you can really learn whether someone is trustworthy, in any industry, is to do your own research. Talk to others that have been using them for awhile. See if any complaints have been filed against them, either at a government agency or in the local court. Don’t be lazy. Do your due diligence.

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