Proves Film Producer Owns IP Rights

We represented an indie movie producer, Big Industries Productions, LLC (“Big Industries”) on claims of breach of contract, breach of copyright, conversion, fraud, and related torts. We prevailed on almost all claims. In determining the producer, not the director, was the rightful owner of the documentary in dispute, an American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) panel awarded our client a full injunctive remedy, plus damages, plus his attorneys fees and costs. In his award, the Arbitrator commented:

To say this case was arduous would not do it justice; this case was hard fought, difficult, thoroughly briefed and argued, and the product of very good lawyering and legal arguments in the face of sometimes challenging factual, legal, procedural, and case management hurdles. I applaud counsel for their professionalism throughout and their efforts to assist their clients, and me, in obtaining an effective resolution of their dispute.

Final Reasoned Decision and Award § 1.4, June 6, 2013 (full decision available upon request).