Practice Areas

The firm is uniquely qualified to resolve disputes in the following practice areas:

Real Estate and Land Use Litigation

Wood Robbins, LLP represents commercial developers, real estate brokers/ agents, homeowners, and commercial landlords/tenants in a variety of disputes including but not limited to permitting, developing, purchasing/selling, and leasing disputes. The firm is referred business from leading land use law firms and real estate brokers in the City for its work in this area. The types of cases the firm considers taking include:

  • Condominium developers suing the City and County of San Francisco where the City opposes construction
  • Real estate brokers, buyers, and sellers of residential real property suing and/or being sued for fraud, breach of contract, and/or a failure to disclose material defects
  • Homeowners suing or being sued by neighbor with boundary, easement, and/or harassment disputes
  • Commercial landlords suing or being sued by tenants for fraud, breach of the lease agreement, and/or property damage
  • Landowners/Developers suing government agencies for takings (eminent domain, inverse condemnation, civil rights)


Employment Litigation

The firm specializes in three areas of employment litigation: trade secret litigation, misclassification (independent contractor/employee) litigation, and wage and hour litigation. The firm has been involved with multi-million dollar employment/trade secret cases all over California, from Sacramento to San Diego. The types of cases the firm considers taking include:

  • Employers suing former employees for trade secret misappropriation
  • Departing employees expecting to be sued and/or being sued by their former employers for misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Small, local, businesses being sued by former employees for wage and hour violations (i.e. exemption, overtime, meal, and rest period violations)
  • Employers/employees suing and/or being sued for wrongful termination/discrimination
  • Class actions
Intellectual Property Litigation

Douglas Robbins heads the intellectual property litigation arm of the firm, which includes the representation of filmmakers, content creators, and software coders in copyright, trademark, and licensing disputes in both federal and state court. Mr. Robbins is the Chair of the San Mateo County Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Section, is Panel Counsel for California Lawyers for the Arts, and is a Member of CLA’s Arts Arbitration and Mediation Panel. He has published several articles on copyright.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation involves helping clients resolve disputes arising from contracts and/or professional relationships. We litigate breach of contract actions, as well as resolve disputes between partners of partnerships, members of LLCs, and other joint ventures. The firm has experience suing for/defending against claims of defamation, fraud/unfair competition, and false advertising. The firm also has experience suing/defending trustees and others in a fiduciary capacity from fraud, negligence, and claims of breach.

The types of cases the firm considers taking include:

  • Businesses and individuals suing/being sued for breach of contract of any kind
  • Businesses and individuals suing/being sued for fraud and/or negligent misrepresentations
  • Businesses suing competing business for unfair competition and/or false advertising
  • Professionals suing/being sued for defamation (libel/slander)
  • Partners/Members involved in a dispute over their rights to assets of the partnership/LLC or upon withdrawal of the partnership/LLC
  • Trustees being sued by beneficiaries of a trust, or beneficiaries or other individuals suing trustees who have misappropriated trust assets
  • Shareholders/businesses suing/being sued for securities fraud
Professional Liability Litigation

Wood Robbins, LLP is panel counsel for some of the largest professional liability insurance carriers in the areas of accounting and real estate, including CNA, CAMICO, and AIG. In the area of accounting, the firm specializes in cases involving undetected embezzlement, fraud/misrepresentation in performance of audit services, and negligence in the performance of tax and related services. The firm also assists accountants in connection with California Board of Accountancy proceedings.

In the area of real estate, the firm has a long history of representing real estate brokers and agents sued for failure to disclose defects and other claims.


Both Messrs. Wood and Robbins have appellate court experience, successfully appealing erroneous decisions at the trial court level in real estate/land use, employment, and professional liability cases.

Mr. Robbins has a published decision in California–Nevada Annual Conference etc. v. City and County of San Francisco (2009) 173 Cal.App.4th 1559.
Mr. Wood has a published decision in The Retirement Group v.Galante (2009) 176 Cal.App.4th 1226.

Tech Founder Protection and Litigation

Wood Robbins, LLP represents founders and high-level employees in tech companies. Founders and employees are at odds with investors. We are asked by founders to review shareholder, employment and buyout agreements, and generally for advice on how founders should perceive moves by investors and/or majority shareholders. We also litigate for founders, for example, when founders are forced out or when founders get sued for breach, misuse of intellectual property and/or trade secrets.


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