Sonnen Motorcars Sues Many for Embezzlement, $7.4 Million

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Sonnen Motorcars Sues Many for Embezzlement, $7.4 Million

MARIN, CA – This civil complaint follows criminal proceedings against three managers at the Sonnen car dealerships in Marin. The managers are alleged to have orchestrated an embezzlement scheme that primarily involved paying fake advertising vendors. Per the allegations, the payments largely went back to the embezzlers.

Though most of the defendant companies are alleged to be complete shams, at least one is a going business in San Francisco, a glass company called San Francisco MAZ. The complaint alleges members of the Maroufi family were involved in the scam, including the owner of San Francisco MAZ, Maury Maroufi, who the complaint alleges embezzled $38,000 by submitting fake invoices for payment.

Setting up fake vendors is in the top five list of methods embezzlers use to steal from unwitting corporate owners. Be careful out there.

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