Startups Overstating Progress

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Startups Overstating Progress

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Theranos is in the news for overstating what it’s products/services could do, but it is not the only startup accused of overstating progress to keep cash flowing. Drone maker Lily was sued by the SF District Attorney for overstating what it’s throw-and-follow-you drone could do, prompting the company to refund pre-order money and ultimately file for bankruptcy protection. And, just recently, a water bottle company was sued.

Three plaintiffs: Winston Ibrahim; S.A. Ibrahim and Alan Sheriff are suing: Jay Parekh; Aakash Mathur aka Kash Mathur; Alexander Mittal; Arjun Srinivas; and Michael Young alleging that they induced plaintiffs to invest in Hydros, a filtering water bottle. Plaintiffs say defendants falsely touted the bottle as being able to filter water at higher rates of flow than competing filters like Brita even though the technology did not work.

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